Gloster Gladiator

The Gloster Gladiator was first flown on September 12, 1934, and then introduced on February 23, 1937. The Gloster Gladiator was a biplane that had a top speed of 257 mph. The aircraft was produced for the Royal Air Force, but was used by a number of other Air Forces. The aircraft was strictly used only for World War II and the Air Forces. There were over 747 Gloster Gladiator produced throughout the aircrafts lifetime. The Gloster Gladiator came standard with two 7.7mm browning machine guns near the fuselage side, and had two more 7.7mm browning machine guns on the wings, one on each side. However, the type of armaments varied on the aircraft. The type of engine the Gloster Gladiator used was a radial engine. The type of radial engine the aircraft used was a Bristol Mercury IX. The Bristol Mercury IX engine could produce upwards of 800 horsepower. The height of the aircraft was roughly 12 feet, while the wingspan on the other hand was 32 feet. The length of the Gloster Gladiator from back to front was 27.5 feet. gloster-gladiator-pat-speirs


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