Minotaur I

The Minotaur I was produced and developed by Orbital ATK, for the United States Air Force. The Minotaur I is another expandable launch vehicle that is used to launch smaller satellites into low earth orbit. The Minotaur I is able to launch from multifarious amounts of states. For example, the Minotaur I is able to launch from, Alaska, California, Florida, and the Mid-Atlantic. The rocket is able to carry a payload of 580 kilograms to low earth orbit. The Minotaur I has four stages. The first stage of the rocket consists of a minuteman II solid propellant (or M55A1), the second stage includes a Minuteman II SR19 motor and on the third and fourth stages they use a Orion 50XL and Orion 38. The rocket stands about 63 feet tall and has a diameter of 5 feet and 6 inches. The Minotaur I has a mass of roughly, 79,000 pounds or 36,000 kilograms. The Minotaur I has had 11 successful launches. The flight computer inside the rocket is 32-bit multiprocessor that communication with the rockets subsystems. The rocket has attitude control systems, telemetry subsystems, payload interface, and much more.

Minotaur I


  1. Minotaur program hasn’t gotten a bunch of momentum over the years. There was some launch failures early on that has dissuaded some potential space customers. Hopefully Orbital ATK can take the program farther along and maybe compete with SpaceX.

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