F4U Corsair

The F4U Corsair was a monoplane that was used in World War II for the Navy against the Japanese. The aircraft was first introduced in December of 1942. The F4U was manufactured by Goodyear Aircraft Corp. The single engined fighter jet had inverted gull wings and an over sized propeller. The F4U Corsair used inverted gull wings to adjust for the giant propeller blades and to shortened the landing gear. The inverted gull wings were also used to reduce the drag as the wings and the fuselage became perpendicular, it also eliminated the use for wing fillets. The diameter of the propeller was well over 13 feet, while the length of the plane was 33 feet and 8 inches long. The F4U Corsair used a R-2800-18W 18 cylinder radial engine that produced 2,250 horsepower. The F4U Corsair is able to reach a top speed of roughly, 430mph. The aircraft was able to supply it self with up to 8 127mm high velocity aircraft rockets, or up to 1000kg (4000lb) of bombs, or up to 6 machine guns. A total of 12,751 F4U Corsair were manufactured by not only Goodyear Aircraft corp, but also Brewster, and Vought.



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