Minotaur IV

The Minotaur IV, is an expendable launch system that was produced by Orbital ATK. The first suborbital launch of the Minotaur IV was in April of 2010 at Vandenberg Air Force Base Space Launch Complex 8. The Minotaur IV has had a total of 6 out of 6 successful launches, with two more upcoming launches to be determined in the near future. The Minotaur IV’s cost per launch is roughly, 46 million dollars. The rockets height is 23.88m (78.3 feet) and has a diameter of 2.34m (7 feet and 8 inches). The Minotaur IV’s maximum payload capacity is approximately, 1,735kg (3,814lbs). The Minotaur IV consists of four stages. The first stage of the rocket consists of an SR-118 ICBM that provides 2,224kN of thrust (500,000lbs of thrust). The second stage consisted of a SR-119 ICBM with an average thrust of 1,223kN of thrust (275,000lbs of thrust,) while the third stage of the rockets uses a SR-120 ICMB that produces 289kN of thrust (65,000lbs of thrust). The fourth stage, the upper stage, consists of an Orion 38. There is though, an optional Star-48BV upper stage that the Minotaur IV can utilize. The Minotaur IV comes equipped with a 92′ diameter payload fairing. However, there is an optional 110′ diameter payload fairing if needed. Additionally, the Minotaur IV attitude control system provides boosted flights and coast phases. The Attitude Control is attained by using a three -axis autopilot system. The Booster Control Module in the Minotaur IV connects the flight computer actuator commands to each individual Thrust Vector Actuators. Just to note, the upper stage motors of the Minotaur IV use the same Thrust Vector Control as the Minotaur I. Moreover, the telemetry system has a 1.5mbps data rate for either payloads as well as the Minotaur launch vehicle telemetry. Lastly, the Minotaur IV can operate from either the east coast or west coast.



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