F-16A,F-16B, F-16C, and F-16D

The F-16 (A,B,C,D) is a single engined supersonic fighter jet that is developed by Lockheed Martin for the United States Air Force. Since July 2016, there has been a total of 4,573 F-16 aircrafts built. The first F-16 (F-16A a single seater), was flown in  December of 1976. The F-16A was then operational in January of 1979. The F-16 was developed for the United States and 4 NATO countries. There are other F-16 as well, including a two-seater F-16B, but to make room for the second seat in the F-16B the fuselage and avionics space are reduced. The F-16B is mostly used to train student pilots.  The F-16C/D can use either a General Electric F110 or a One Pratt and Whitney F-100-PW engine. The F-16C/D produces roughly, 120kN of thrust (27,000 pounds of thrust). The F-16 can reach a top speed of 1500mph. The length of the F-16C/D is 4.8 meters (49 feet and 5 inches), while the wingspan is 9.8 meters (32 feet and 8 inches). The height of the F-16C/D is 4.8 meters tall (16 feet). The aircraft (F-16C/D) is able to carry a payload of two 2,000 pound bombs, a total of 4 missiles (AIM-9, and AIM-120), and two 2,400 pounds of external fuel tanks. The armaments the F-16 can carry, is one M-61A1 20mm multi barrel cannon with 500 rounds of ammunition, and more. The cost of an F-16 was around 14.6-18.8 million dollars in 1998.


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