Atlas V

Atlas V is one of many Atlas rockets and launch vehicles made. The Atlas V is an expendable launch vehicle. The rocket was produced by Lockheed Martin and first launched on August 21, 2002. Furthermore, the first stage of the rocket is equipped with an Atlas common core booster that provides 3,287kN of thrust, while also having 5 rocket boosters that supplies 1,688kN of thrust, and a payload capacity of around 10,000 to 45,000lbs depending on the intended orbital height. The type of engine the Atlas V was using before 2015, was the RL-10A-4-2. Now, starting in 2015, Atlas V will be using RL-10C-1 for the Centaur upper stage. There has been over 76 launches of the Atlas V, which of 75 were a success. The only failed launch, (so far) happened on June 15, 2007. Some may believe it was a failed mission, while others like the Air Force believe it was a success. Whatever the case is, on that day, the Atlas V was carrying two spy satellites to orbit for the NRO. Nothing detrimental happened other than the Centaur upper stage experiencing, “a technical anomaly” stated by the Air Force. With that being said, the performance of the rocket may have decreased, making it slightly hard to reach their intended orbit. 9252081_orig

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